Tanuki Software, Ltd. Copyright and Trademarks Guidelines

Tanuki Software, Ltd. reserves the right of ownership of its trademarks and requires they be used properly.

Tanuki Software Trademarks

You may use Tanuki Software, Ltd. trademarks to refer to the associated products or services. Tanuki Software, Ltd. trademarks are "Tanuki Software" and the Tanuki Software, Ltd. logos. Third party usage of trademark logos is limited to authorized users / resellers and can note in its advertisements that it's selling our products or services. Users may make any reference stating that our products and services have been implemented. Trademarks should only be used as adjectives and never as nouns.

Fair Use - Fair use guidelines for use and reference of Tanuki Software trademarks

If you would like to present any relationship of any of your products or services to Tanuki Software, Ltd. products or services, use accurate, descriptive lines such as "Tanuki Software, Ltd. software integrates with..." in referring to your product or services. At any point is important to imply that your product or service is endorsed by Tanuki Software, Ltd.

Prohibited Use - General rules for proper reference to Tanuki Software product names

Use of Tanuki Software, Ltd. Logos

Unless you have prior written permission from Tanuki Software, Ltd., do not use any trademark logos to show or imply an affiliation with any of our products/services. Customers, resellers or users may obtain written permission to use any of the trademark logos by writing to sales@tanukisoftware.com.